Become a PRO

Become a Pro

1. Its a Special offer in our site

2. Limited special offer only for 10,000 users who pay a small payment of €300 in BTC, for a lifetime PRO account that offers to trade and withdraw funds at 0 commissions.

3. Select the profile tab (upper right-hand corner). then go for Become a PRO Option

4. A pop-up will appear with your BTC deposit address and its QR code.

5. Copy and paste the address to your external crypto wallet (or scan the QR code) as the receiving address.

6. Before making a payments make sure you have a enough funds in your account.

7. Attention!! Keep in Mind that this money is not renewable money,since it is an automatic payment and once you make the Payment,your amount will become PRO For Life. that account offers to trade and withdraw funds at 0 commissions